About Us

Precision Maintenance SolutionsIn the challenging times that we face today, manufacturing facilities of all different sizes and industries are struggling to properly address all their facility needs. With integration of Precision’s skill and technology, you will be able to fill voids left in your production and maintenance department. As well as eliminate future errors in production performance, ultimately saving your company valuable time and resources.

Precision Maintenance Solutions provides service with large manufacturers such as:

    • Cleveland Cliffs
    • USG
    • Resco Products, Inc.
    • Bull Moose Tube

Precision MS Inc. is the only business in the industry to offer a Pro Plan service for preventive maintenance. Our expert technicians combined with high tech analytics to strategically monitor your assets ensuring facility performance is optimized. Giving you peace of mind while knowing you will not have unexpected downtime.

Proven to Help Manufacturing Facilities Increase Production, while Reducing Cost

    • Performance Analysis
      • Help reduce downtime by adding our service technicians in your facility.
    • Maintenance Support and Training
      • Evolve from a preventive mindset to a Precision Maintenance mindset. We provide an innovative service for asset management. Human, Machine, and Equipment.
    • Repairs, Installations, and Implementation
      • Our certified technicians are specifically trained for the manufacturing and food grade industry.